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Drop-in Service

We cannot stress enough the importance of ‘Basic checks on your Vehicle’.

Checking oil, coolant levels, tyre pressures, lights, battery and wipers will not only save you money, but can prevent breakdowns, reduce inconvenience and keep you on the right side of the law.  We can check all the above , If a bulb blows, contact us  and we will replace it for you.
If you are unable or do not know how to check your oil or inflate tyres pressures, please contact us and we will do it for you or show you how to. (Over filling oil level or using the wrong grade can cause serious damage to the engine).

 Summer and Winter Health Checks

Anything that causes you concern, our door is open to help.
We offer free impartial Advice to all. This includes:

  • Cost effectiveness of Repairs.
  • Can certain repairs be put off for the time being?
  • Safety Issues.
  • Signposting customers to other specialists, including body shops.
  • Advice in buying another car.
  • Useful link for buying a car. https://www.whatcar.com/



Book an appointment to see us.

Once you have booked an appointment with us simply bring in your vehicle and our team of professionals will begin work on it for you. If you have any requests or special requirements please make sure our staff are aware of them.

If you would like to book an appointment with us just use the form below: